functions and responsibilities

  1. Coordinate the formulation, and undertake monitoring and evaluation, of socio-economic development policies and plans, of the Bangsamoro Government;
  2. Review, evaluate and recommend short, medium and long- term development plans, and proposed programs and projects for consideration by the Council;
  3. Coordinate the annual and multi-year investment programming of the Bangsamoro Government ministries, line agencies and offices;
  4. Provide technical assistance to the ministries, agencies and instrumentalities, local government units and other development partners in the Bangsamoro in identifying and developing plans, programs and projects;
  5. Coordinate all regional, national and foreign assisted programs and projects in the Bangsamoro;
  6. Conduct research and statistics administration, knowledge product development, information management and related activities in support to planning, policy formulation, project development and monitoring and evaluation; and
  7. Perform such other appropriate tasks as may be assigned by the Council or other competent authorities.